Sikh Family Brutally Attacked in Delhi, Attacker “1984 Bhool gaye, Sallo Yaad Karwata hoon”

(September 7, 2013)- A Sikh family was brutally attacked by a person named “Mukesh” in Rohini Sec-3 Delhi. Before the assault he said”1984 Bhool gaye, Sallo Yaad Karwata hoon”. Then he began his attack and the attack was so severe he pulled the Sikh’s beard along with a good amount of his beard hair. He first beat the Sikh, opened his kesh(Hair), and dragged him around while holding and pulling on his kesh. The person then attacked the Sikh’s wife and punched her continuously in the face breaking many of her teeth. The daughter was not spared also, she was punched in the face and beaten . Mukesh threatened the family and witnesses said he had contacts a judge and the judge has given instructions to the SHO to not file a case.  Major protests are planned outside of his home by Sikh Groups.delhiattack11-1024x725




























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